N+2: Who's Afraid of Mr. Greedy? - VV.DD. (2011)

13 mayo 2012

Who's Afraid of Mr. Greedy? - VV.DD. (2011)

¿Quién teme al Sr. Greedy?
Sin Diálogos / No Dialogue

De noche, en un tétrico parque de diversiones, un misterioso hombre intenta recuperar a toda costa lo que una vez le fue arrebatado de niño por un mosntruoso ogro.

Cortometraje de graduación relizado por Simon Boucachard, Jean Baptiste Cumont, Sylvain Fabre, Guillaume Fesquet, Adeline Grange, Maxime Mary y Julien Rossire; todos estudiantes de la escuela francesa de animación "Goebelins l'école de l'image"

"A man comes to get back his identity, stolen by an ogre while he was a child."

"It’s really amazing how many talented young people are coming from Gobelins, the French animation school. This animated short called ‘Who’s Afraid of Mr Greedy?’ tells the tale of a daring man trying to get what’s his back from the evil Mr. Greedy. It’s so extremely well done, especially the character design, each one being a well thought out being. I also loved the color palette, which at first consists of pale, deathly blues, but then you see these orange-y reds popping in, becoming more menacing. A huge congrats to the whole team (...)"

"Interesting subtext here being a metaphor for the cycle of child/sexual abuse/abusers:
a monster who steals children’s innocence only to see one of the former victims eventually become the monster himself.

Heavy stuff and very well done."
Cartoonz Critic (Cartoon Brew)




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