N+2: Derevo Detstva - Natalya Mirzoyan (2009)

10 mayo 2012

Derevo Detstva - Natalya Mirzoyan (2009)

ДЕРЕВО ДЕТСТВА / El misterioso árbol de mi infancia / My childhood mystery tree
Ruso / Russian | No Subs*
Una fascinante historia que nos transporta al onírico y fantástico mundo de la niñez. Cierta noche, mientras el niño duerme le es arrebatado su osito de peluche; el pequeño deberá emprender una asombrosa aventura, a través del inmenso árbol de su infancia, en búsqueda de su desaparecido amigo.
Un brillante legado de la escuela de Norstein, elaborado por la joven artista rusa que, con veinticuatro años elaboró (dirección, guión y arte) una obra maestra de esta magnitud. Corto ganador del Festival Suzdal; Mejor ópera prima, el año 2009.

"Animación pintada con pasteles sobre papel y animada por computadora. Una aventura surrealista hacia el fascinante y mágico mundo de los sueños, cuyo destino es "El árbol de la Infancia" el universo mágico de cada niño. (...) Es el debut de la joven directora rusa Natalya Mirzoyan. Fue estrenada en la Berlinale de 2010."
My Childhood Mystery Tree is not only rather beautifully done, it is an intriguing film made by a debut director, Natalia Mirzoyan, who also provides the script, art and animation. The screenshot reveals the quality of the art and it is heart warming that the skills displayed by those soviet animators of old are present in 29 year old Natalia's work. Initially there is much of a Louis Carroll or CS Lewis in the opening scenes of the 10 minute short. A young boy loses his teddy bear discovering him at various locations in a series of alternative realities that seem to exist in the hollows and branches of a huge tree, to which the boy returns after each adventure. But there is a darker side in the seizure of children's toys by flying eagles in a world overseen by an omnipotent Bird. Like scenes in a nightmare, reality is a pliable substance. My favourite world is that of a seemingly happy childhood scene where the children are at play suddenly to be frozen, revealed as one dimensional figures, toppled over by a storm. Unwisely attempting an explanation .... if one takes the great tree as a symbol of childhood, woven together from all the stolen toys, and the Bird as motherhood, then the loss of the teddy bear is that of innocence with the onset of the adult world. Interestingly, the boy is no mere passive creature, having a hand in the destruction of his own childhood. Excellent music from Marina Landa and Sergey Vasilyev greatly add to the mystery of it all. That and some sumptuous use of paintbrush in the 2D piece. It was produced by Studio of Computer Graphics and Animation in St Petersburg. Natalie is a graduate of both Yerevan State University and Saint Petersburg Institute of Decorative-Applied Arts. She has a new film, Chinti, out in time for Annecy. Natalia elbowed out the promised love story that is tomorrow's fare. I can already hear the howls of protest....but we'll leave them for tomorrow.
Ian Lumsden (Animation Blog)

"Natalia Mirzoyan was born in Yerevan in the former Armenian Socialist Soviet Republic in 1982, she studied at the H. Danielyan Art Academy, in the Department of Philosophy and Sociology at Yerevan State University and at St. Peters - burg Institute of Decorative Applied Arts. From 2003 to 2004 she worked as an animator in various Armenian animation studios. She has been living and working in St. Peters burg as an animator and director since 2004."
*El diálogo es breve, por lo que la ausencia de subtítulos no afecta en gran medida la comprensión de la obra.

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