N+2: Suisei - Koji Yamamura (1987)

02 abril 2012

Suisei - Koji Yamamura (1987)

水棲 / Acuático / Aquatic
No Dialogue / Sin Diálogos

Una manzana fluye con la corriente del río; un hombre coge la manzana, le da un mordisco y entonces comienza un viaje ilusorio y reflexivo, un juego entre el reflejo del cielo y el agua; allí, el hombre transmutará en diferentes formas acuáticas. Primer film de Yamamura.
"Watercolor animation and a vivid sound design make the liquid theme of this early Koji Yamamura short a tangible fact. Transformation is the one constant of AQUATIC: one fish multiplies into many and the orientation of the frame is thrown off balance by deceptive reflections. Yamamura plunges into something gorgeous with deepwater impressions swirled in black and blue."

"Born in 1964, Koji Yamamura started creating animated films while in college. He conceived a unique visual world by combining several media, including modeling clay, three-dimensional figures, photography, and line drawings. He founded Yamamura Animation in 1993, and serves on the board of directors of both the the Japan Animation Association and the Japan Chapter of the International Animated Film Association. In 2003, Mt. Head was nominated for the 75th Academy Awards Short Films' Animation Category. His free-spirited creativity and detailed drawing ability have received wide recognition and praise, leading to numerous invitational screenings and awards at international competitions and film festivals."


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