N+2: Snow White and Rose Red - Lotte Reiniger (1954)

28 abril 2012

Snow White and Rose Red - Lotte Reiniger (1954)

Blancanieves y Rosarroja
Inglés / English | Subs: Castellano
Adaptación expresionista al cuento clásico de Jacob y Wilhelm Grimm elaborada por la maestra en animación por siluetas, la germana Lotte Reineger
Un día un misterioso oso en busca de refugio toca la puerta de Blancanieves y Rosarroja, dos dulces hermanas, el pobre oso ha caído presa de la magia de un duende maligno. La historia nos sumerge en  y la travesía de estas hermanas para liberarlo del encantamiento.

"A magical film. Reiniger's animation of the bear as he becomes part of the household, warming himself by the fire and winding wool, is really charming. The delicacy of the animation allows us to feel the texture of his fur, the warmth of his body.

It is a relatively sophisticated piece of film-making, with good pacing and editing and an evocative and brooding landscape adding atmosphere and depth to the usual finely worked foreground characters."
Ruth Lingford (BFI Screenonline)

"(...) Born in Berlin in 1899, Reiniger was captivated by shadow puppets from an early age. Though she initially studied acting with the theatre director Max Reinhardt, she became involved with the Berliner Institut für Kulturforschung, an experimental animation studio, while in her early 20s. There, she began turning her silhouette art, inspired by the shadow plays popular in China and Indonesia, into short films based on fairy tales, many from the Brothers Grimm. (...)"
Sarah Cronin (Electric Sheep)





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