N+2: Kodomo no Keijijogaku - Koji Yamamura (2007)

30 abril 2012

Kodomo no Keijijogaku - Koji Yamamura (2007)

こどもの形而上学 / Metafísica de un Niño / A Child's Metaphysics
Sin Diálogo / No Dialogue

En esta obra Yamamura retrata desde esa delirante y particular perspectiva suya, la imagen de varios niños marcados con surreales problemas de identidad. Una acertada metáfora al moderno dilema de personalidad que sufre el confundido niño de hoy.

“A Child’s Metaphysics” fue premiado con diferentes galardones de festivales como ser el MONSTRA Lisbon Animated Film Festival, Prémio ONDA CURTA; Japan Media Arts Festival, Excellence Prize y el Hida International Animation Festival of Folktales and Fables, Special Jury Prize.

"A child whose head is numerals, a child who winds his own face and has it under his arm. What was left is his identity, a child whose eyes are provided by fishes, a child who lies down on the floor and head-butts his identity, a child who cannot say anything because of a zipper across his mouth. He undo the zipper but under it is another zipper...
Ecology and philosophy of children with sadness and humour."

"A head full of figures, a zipped up mouth inside a zipped up mouth, a spooling face, two eyes supported by fish. In distorting children’s bodies, Yamamura skillfully captures their mode of life. This is a philosophical Yamamura world that humorously and satirically depicts contemporary conditions surrounding children."
"Kōji Yamamura (山村 浩二 Yamamura Kōji, born June 4, 1964) is a Japanese independent animator who, since leaving a career as a background artist at an animation studio, currently[when?] directs, writes, edits, animates, creates the model sheets and background art for and sometimes produces his own short films and has worked on many commissions such as music videos, television advertisements, title sequences and station idents, both on his own and under or with other directors. He is also a regular illustrator of children's literature and textbooks. His animation spans a variety of media, his earliest independent works mixing clay painting and stop motion with cels, but has latterly come to concentrate on traditional animation. Two of his most famous and acclaimed films are the Academy Award for Animated Short Film-nominated and Cristal d'Annecy-winning Mt. Head and the Ottawa Grand Prize and Ōfuji Noburō Award-winning A Country Doctor. His 2011 short film Muybridge's Strings was one of five animated shorts nominated for Genie Award.
(...)Yamamura was born in Nagoya and studied painting at Tokyo Zokei University. His 2002 movie Mt. Head (Atama Yama) won the short film award for the Annecy International Animated Film Festival, the Grand Prize at the 2004 Zagreb World Festival of Animated Films and was nominated for the Academy Award for Animated Short Film. Yamamura won the 2007 Ottawa Grand Prix with his animated adaptation of Franz Kafka's "A Country Doctor." Both of the films were included in the Animation Show of Shows.
Yamamura also held an exhibition at the Aichi Expo 2005."



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