N+2: Boccioni's Bike - Skip Battaglia (1981)

24 abril 2012

Boccioni's Bike - Skip Battaglia (1981)

Sin Diálogos / No Dialogue

Un hombre monta su bicicleta y comienza a pedalear a toda velocidad. Esta obra experimental es en sí un estudio del movimiento animado, en este caso el de un ciclista, a partir de una interpretación del estilo futurista italiano.

Estudio de movimiento, bien acompañado por la música de Django Reinhart. Una animación fluida y vigorosa que se ven interrumpida por formas geométricas y colores. Cae en cierta perdida de ritmo al final, abusando de formas en movimiento.

""Boccioni’s Bike" is a personally animated lyrical interpretation of the movements of a bicyclist depicted in the graphic style of the Italian Futurists. “Boccioni’s Bike” is also a homage to the wheel and to rotational movement, the basis of our passing mechanical civilization.

Finally, not about a bicycle, but about acceleration.

This is the first film Battaglia drew, and evidence of his learning is in the image as he drew the film "straight ahead.""

"I am interested in abstracting imagery from a variety of working processes, and putting these into movement on film. The imagery is either drawn by hand frame-by-frame directly onto paper before shooting on film, or captured and modified by hand for a frame-by-frame film production. I work so that each short animated film engages the audience's perception and educates that perception on how the work must be viewed. My works therefore are not structured as commercial narratives, but are, rather, graphic musings on themes like: acceleration, the starry sky, looking, landscape. Continuities in my film are not provided by assembly-line smoothness, but by movement, sound design, argument, and emotion."




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