N+2: Frank Film - Frank Mouris & Caroline Mouris (1973)

16 abril 2012

Frank Film - Frank Mouris & Caroline Mouris (1973)

Film Sincero
Inglés/English | No subs

Este corto de animación experimental es una recopilación de imágenes, que el co-creador Frank Mouris había recogido de revistas, entrelazadas con dos narraciones: en una, Frank narra una autobiografía; en la otra, se lee una lista de palabras que comienzan con la letra "F". (FA)

Film ganador del Oscar al Mejor Cortometraje de Animación en 1974, que fue incluído en la lista de los 50 mejores cortos de animación de la historia, elaborado por ASIFA.

Dato curioso: ambos directores -Caroline y Frank- son recibidos de Harvard y ganaron el Oscar, pero actualmente y desde hace años sólo se dedican a entrenar/cuidar perros en su casa, construída sobre una montaña y con estilo "aniñado" diseñada por ellos mismos. Más información en este reportaje que puede leerse aquí.

"Esteemed as 'probably the most celebrated American short,' Frank Film is a collection of 11,592 collages sequenced to illustrate the chronology of the filmmaker's life. Spanning the years of 1945-1973, this wildly entertaining short film goes beyond the story of one man's existence to become a collective autobiography of our time." (...)
It "features two soundtracks - in one, Mouris narrates an autobiography, in the other, he reads off a list of words beginning with the letter 'f.' Tying the two soundtracks together and influencing their subject matter is the animated collage of photos collected from magazines - all arranged by theme and each theme merging into the next." (theoscarsite.com)

"Caroline and I did Frank Film just to do that one personal film that you do to get the artistic inclinations out of your system before going commercial. Then we planned to join the industry, as you call it, armed with her MBA and my MFA. Instead, we became fiercely independent filmmakers, only interested in doing new films, whatever the genre, and not just repeating ourselves in one area of film. You could say winning the Oscar gave us the courage to pursue this personal film quest, but in fact, Frank Film had previously won the Grand Prix at the Annecy International Animation Festival and most other foreign and domestic film competitions and festivals. John Hubley was kind enough to warn me at Annecy that it was hard to turn down commercial work once you got into it, and that he and Faith were lucky to get a personal film done every summer, so I should leave plenty of time for our own work." (Frank Mouris on awn.com)




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