N+2: Fétiche en voyage de noces - Irene & Wladyslaw Starewicz (1936)

10 abril 2012

Fétiche en voyage de noces - Irene & Wladyslaw Starewicz (1936)

Fetiche de Luna de Miel / Fetiche on Honeymoon / The Navigator
Francés / French | Subs: Castellano

Es la luna de miel del perro Fétiche y su esposa quienes, junto a una peculiar tripulación, se embarcarán en un plácido viaje hacia el mar. Allí, la tranquila travesía se verá interrumpida por una monstruosa tormenta que sacude el barco.

"Fétiche" el perro fue un personaje creado por W. Starewicz; su popularidad comenzó con el cortometraje "Fétiche Mascotte", por lo que el autor hizo un total de cinco cortometrajes dedicados a este gracioso can. Fétiche en voyage de noces es uno de estos cinco cortos crados en colaboración con Irene Starewicz, esposa del artista ruso, quien a su vez fue entomólogo y una de las piedras angulares de la animación por Stop-motion.

"Wladyslaw Starewicz came to film making through an unusual route: he was an entomologist who wished to film his bugs, but the hot lights kept killing them, so he would use their carapaces to film stop-motion efforts, which he did using a fine sense of humor and a great sense of fantasy. When he designed mythical creatures like undines, he used frog skins.

In this one, we have a fantasy about some animals on a honeymoon cruise. It looks a lot like one of his competitors' efforts, the new kid on the block, George Pal.

It's silly and fun and notice how he likes to sit the camera for a time and then pan fast to another shot in the same scene. It's an example of a swish cut. He uses them in other films, too.
boblipton (IMDb)

"Wladyslaw Starewicz was an early stop motion animator who worked along side his wife and two daughters to create some of the most innovative animations of his time. Working from the 1910s into the 1960s, a viewer of his films can see the advancements of puppetry and camera technology throughout his career. Stop motion animation made its debut in the late 1890’s making Starewicz a member of a small club of animators working between the turn of the century and the early 1930’s.


Preceding animators like Walt Disney, Starewicz was a pioneer in bringing childlike imagery and storytelling to an adult audience. Starewicz, himself, and his family move freely between the various spellings of his name: Wladyslaw or Ladislas Starewicz, Starevitch, or Starewitch."




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