N+2: Walking on by - Theodore Ushev (2003)

24 febrero 2012

Walking on by - Theodore Ushev (2003)

Caminando por ahí
No Dialogue / Sin Diálogos

Este corto relata la vida cíclica de un individuo desde la perspectiva misma de su andar, mostrando logros y trivialidades a las que hay que enfrentarse cuando uno va caminando por ahí. Animado mediante Flash, en los primeros intentos de dicha técnica, esta muestra denota una estética visualmente simple pero a la vez concreta y bien definida, sello de la obra de este autor.

Nacido en Bulgaria, Theodor es egresado de Bellas Artes de la Universidad de Sofía.
Emigró a Canadá en 1999, donde rápidamente adquirió una buena reputación como animador con cortometrajes como The Man Who Waited y Tzartitza, que le valieron numerosos premios. Como director de animación de la película en 3D Facing Champlain, Ushev sobresalió por su afilado talento y su interés en desarrollar nuevas plataformas de entrega de contenidos, como se evidencia en su sitio web y en su micro-película Sou, creada para visualizarse en teléfonos celulares.

Theorore Ushev is one of my favourite animators and a helpful one as well. I use his work to demonstrate the possibilities of Flash animation with my students. He's also a superb artist which helps. He has two independent outlets for his work, ushev.com/ and mortadellatv.com. I'm featuring two of his animations but all his work is better than excellent. Walking On By is just that: a guy takes a stroll through all the stones and arrows that life can throw at him. He's as bouncy at the end as he is at the beginning. It was produced in 2003 and has been used with all my classes to explain the walk cycle and much beyond. Theodore is very witty and his simply drawn character and basic idea is a triumph of its sort... Theodore was born in Bulgaria but moved to Canada in 1999. Increasingly his work is not available on-line. He is however becoming a mainstay of the North American and European festival circuit. Last year his Tzaritza opened the Carrousel International du Film de Rimouski. ("Little Lili finds a tzaritza, a magic shell that will grant her a wish. She decides to use this magical gift to bring her grandmother, who lives near the Black Sea, to Montreal." NFC) His latest movie, Tower Bawher, is due to be screened later this month at the Ottawa International Animation Festival 2007. It's described by the National Film Board of Canada as a "wild ride through the pages of a chapter in modern art" which sounds just about right for Theodore.
Ian Lumsden (Animation Blog)

Theodore Ushev is an animator, graphic designer, illustrator and multimedia artist, from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
He was born in Bulgaria and graduated stage decoration, animation, and make-up at Plovdiv's School of Scenic Arts. He obtained a Master degree in Graphic Design from the National Academy of Arts in Sofia. He first made a name as a poster and graphic designer, before moving to Montreal in 1999. There he quickly gained a reputation as an animation filmmaker with for the National Film Board of Canada, with films such as Vertical, The Man Who Waited, Tower Bawher, Tzartitza, Sou and Drux Flux, winner of the Canadian Film Institute Award for Best Canadian Animation at the Ottawa International Animation Festival. In 2010, he completed a short animated documentary about Arthur Lipsett, entitled Lipsett Diaries. In March 2011, Lipsett Diaries received the Genie Award for Best Animated Short at the 31st Genie Awards.

He created live show multimedia and promo animations for the British band Public Symphony and David Gilmour’s “In an Island” album and live tour, and the illustrations for Chris Robinson' book "Ballad of a Thin Man: In Search of Ryan Larkin" (2008).




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