N+2: L'inventaire fantôme - Franck Dion (2004)

07 febrero 2012

L'inventaire fantôme - Franck Dion (2004)

El inventario fantasma / The phantom inventory
Francés/French | Subs: Castellano/English

Un cobrador de impuestos va a la casa de un anciano coleccionista para embargarle todas las pertenencias. Dentro de su almacén comienza a colocar carteles de embargado a los recuerdos que allí guarda el hombre, sin saber que dichos recuerdos son los que nadie quiere, objetos fantasmales poseídos por espíritus y fantasmas que le atemorizarán mientras realiza su trabajo.

Corto ganador del Premio del Jurado Joven en el Festival de Annecy 2004.
Exquisita música con aire a tango de Astor Piazzolla a cargo de Pierre Caillet.

Franck Dion es un ilustrador francés que ha firmado dos excelentes cortometrajes de animación (L'inventaire fantôme en 2004 y Monsieur COK en 2009) y varias series de ilustraciones de gran calidad y originalidad (Casus Belli o Les Dinosaures imaginaires, por poner un par de ejemplos).

Aparte, sus páginas web están bastante curradas. Alguna de ellas son "Le petit Musée des Horreurs" o "Les voyages imaginaires". También ha realizado diseños para juegos como "Fantasy" o "Serengeti".

The story concerns a bailiff from the Debt Collection Ministry and an afternoon appointment that doesn’t go as planned. The setting, though unspecified, is probably Paris in the 1920s. The debt collector takes a long elevator ride to reach his quarry, a wizened, wheelchair-bound apartment dweller named Albert from whom there is nothing, at first glance, to collect. The gaunt, tall, crimson-suited bureaucrat asks the man exactly what he collects. “Memories, sir,” Albert replies, “memories that no one wants anymore.” A quick tour through empty rooms leads to the discovery of a secret door, opening on a grand hall of tall ornamental shelves stuffed silly with other people’s tchotchkes. 

Having hit the mother lode, the civil servant wanders from object to object slapping “To be seized” tags on everything in sight — a malfunctioning radio, a mirror that scares people — but something’s following him, and the objects are getting weirder: a bust of a woman caught in a desperate gesture, a wooden boy in a cage, a bear trap. There’s sun shafting down from the skylights, but somehow it’s never enough, like in a library a half hour after they should have turned on the lights. When the collection itself starts to go on the move, dogging the bureaucrat and chasing him down aisles of deep shadows to a confrontation with his own unwanted memory, the owner of the apartment reappears to lead him away. The bailiff storms out, vowing to return the next day and take everything, but a final twist threatens his sanity and sends him packing, empty-handed.

Subtítulos en Castellano traducidos por Qrosawa



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