N+2: Volgens de vogels - Linde Faas (2008)

05 febrero 2012

Volgens de vogels - Linde Faas (2008)

According to the birds / Según los pájaros
Silent / Sin Diálogos

Un film que sin necesidad de palabra alguna habla por sí solo, cantando de acuerdo a la voz de los pájaros, del viento, de las hojas. Desde el punto de vista de un servidor, esta obra evoca de forma magistral esa calma y tranquilidad meditativa que solo se puede encontrar cuando se está en contacto directo con la naturaleza.

There is a moment in Linde Faas’s tranquil film, Volgen de Vogels, (According to Birds) as a dandelion seed floats to the earth, when one begins to unwind.  There are other moments to get horizontal: water drips to a pool and ripples spread out, a leaf is blown gently upwards into the wintry treetops, or at the outset leaves settle into water. Oh and there are the birds. Linde’s movie is full of birds, the dawn hunting expedition as, with scarcely a murmur, an owl takes an insect on the wing, a heron and rooks, in close-up or as bent lines in sky. "I've always had a fascination for birds. The way they move is very strange, they seem in their own world, disconnected from ours." Linde eschews music. Her sound is a rustle of leaves or the birds calling out. She is an artist and a fine one at that with a sureness of touch. She animates her birds with a delicacy that is rare indeed. One of the comments on the YouTube link suggests turning up the volume. I concur adding only that I’d turn it up louder. No story, just a beauty and peace. The short is hand drawn on paper and was Linde's graduation film whilst at St. Joost Art Academy..."

"Central to my work are the little rituals which are found in life and nature in particular and often escape our notice. In my drawings and animations I place them in the spotlight and blow them up until each represents a world in its own right. In these worlds the borders of reality and fantasy fade away and people might experience a frozen moment in time in which the ruthless power of nature becomes visable."
Linde Faas (www.lindefaas.nl)




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