N+2: Sweet dream - Kirsten Lepore (2008)

16 febrero 2012

Sweet dream - Kirsten Lepore (2008)

Dulces sueños
Silente/No dialogue

Es la historia de un amor, como no hay otro igual, entre un muffin, una calabaza y cómo la naturaleza salva aquello que suele destruirla.

En la entrevitsa le preguntan cuáles son sus infuencias y responde: My sisters, Paul Driessen, Jim Henson, craft stores, and nature. Antes dice que le gusta PES... la influencia "PES" se nota y mucho.Kirsten is a freelance animator/illustrator who earned her BFA from The Maryland Institute College of Art in 2007. Her animations have been featured on TV, the web, at international festivals, and recently in Stash magazine. Her latest clients include MTV, Heinz, Chronicle Books, Utah’s Hogle Zoo, and illustrator Michael Slack. Besides her passion for animation, Kirsten adores traveling, cooking, and studying foreign languages. She hopes to one day scour the globe in search of the most bizarre and delicious delicacies!

Which one do you like doing most? illustrating or animating?

It’s a tough call — sometimes illustrating is more relaxing; I’ll just put on the tunes and cruise on autopilot. Although, I struggle with design decisions, so starting an illustration can sometimes be a challenge. Animation, however, is really where my passion lies. It can be tremendously tedious and endlessly frustrating, but watching my drawings and puppets move on their own is always worth it.

What is the process for creating an animation?

The process varies greatly depending on the style of the animation. Generally, I’ll storyboard everything out and then move on to illustration, and then animate. However, my process can be totally unconventional at times. For example, with “Story from North America,” Garrett Davis and I started with a recording of the song, then storyboarded the animation a few verses at a time, as we went along. We wanted to keep the whole animation fresh and exciting for ourselves, so we never planned too far ahead.



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