N+2: Maski - Piotr Karwas (1998)

23 febrero 2012

Maski - Piotr Karwas (1998)

Máscaras / Masks
Silente | No dialogue

Un tipo busca crear una máscara perfecta para cubrir su rostro. Desecha una tras otra...no intenta encontrar la belleza, parece ser su verdadero interior lo que espera que florezca.

Una gran deuda pagada de N+2, que debía desde hace tiempo. Es muy corto, inolvidable tanto visual como visualmente.
Esta vez la exageración no es necesaria, las capturas laburan solas.
A human figure changes masks in a quest for its identity, but is not happy with any of them. Finally it does find the right face, in a most unexpected place.

Born in 1974. Graduate of the Animation Department of the Polish Film School in Lodz and of the Animation Department at the Baden - Wuerttemberg Filmakademie in Ludwigsburg, Germany. Maski / Masks, created at the Ludwigsburg Academy, combines traditional puppet and computer animation. The film was screened at a number of renowned film festivals around the world. He also made, likewise in Ludwigsburg, a program about environmental protection for MTV and World TV. Currently, he works with the Digital Domain in Hollywood. Worked as animator in such films as The Lord of the Rings and I, Robot.



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