N+2: Romans Dzentelmena - Tomasz Kozak (2000)

27 marzo 2012

Romans Dzentelmena - Tomasz Kozak (2000)

Sin Diálogos / No Dialogue

Un hombre recibe una llamada en la que es seducido por un libidinoso engendro alado... Este cortomeraje desborda surrealismo a cada instante, en cada toma, por lo que intentar dilucidarlo en una sinopsis es inútil.

Film elaborado mediante técnica de recortes, o cut-out, y en colaboración con Daniel Szczechura, uno de los grandes de la animación polaca.

"Graduated from the Faculty of Painting and Animated Films at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He lives in Lublin and works at the Faculty of Fine arts in UMCS in Lublin, Poland. He makes video-collages and animation. In his works he often uses iconic, for Polish film culture, productions such as ‘Potop’ (‘The Deluge’), ‘Krzyżacy’ (‘Knights of the Black Cross’). He then puts them together with excerpts of popular culture, music videos, advertisements etc. The outcome of his work are found footage movies in which the artist refers to dark archetypes underlying the subconsciousness of a Western Man.

(...) He also participated in many group shows: “We would like to know that we are not them” in Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh, UK, 2009; “Aesthetic and Environment. Human as Art” in Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei, Taiwan 2009; “Love, City and Catastrophe” in N&N Aman Gallery in Tel Aviv, Isreal and KUMU Art Museum in Tallinn, Estonia 2009, “Demons” in Ben Ari Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of Bat Yam in Bat Yam, Israel 2008, “Pink not Dead” in CCA Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw, Poland, 2006."


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