N+2: Mama - Géza M. Tóth (2008)

11 marzo 2012

Mama - Géza M. Tóth (2008)

Sin diálogos/No dialogue

En el techo de un edificio, una mujer cuelga la ropa. Detrás de ella, el mundo corre, pero ella sigue trabajando como si nada pasara, evitando caer en el caos.

Una historia ‘internacional’ sobre gente que sale por ahí a pasar el rato…

Géza M. Tóth nació en Veszprém (Hungría) en 1970. Estudió animación en la Unviersidad de Arte y Diseño 
de Budapest (MOME). En 1992 dirigió su primer corto, ‘The Pied Piper’; continuó con ‘Wallwalkers’ (1994), ‘Ícaros’ (1996), ‘The Miraculous Mandarin’ y ‘Maestro’ (2005), proyectado en la 50 Semana; además de ‘Bluebeard’s Castle’ (2007) y ‘Ergo’, exhibido en la 53 Semana. Además es profesor en la Universidad de Artes Aplicadas de Hungría.

On the roof of a high building a young woman hangs up the washing, on piece after the other. With each piece she pushest he line a little further – at the same time the neighbouring buildings in the background follow – until she reaches the beginning of the line. The entire scene is shot with fixed camera but moves nonetheless – just like in the tricks in the silent movies.

Starting with a loud city street atmossphere with honking horns, street cars, crying babies, talking people, telephone rings and other every day life sounds a rhythmic structure emerges. The more we dive into the young woman’s world, the more the rhythmically aggressive sounds disappear. Slowly a world opens where melodiousness comes to the foreground. Everytime the woman reaches the end of the line, a short moment of silence occurs. Until sounds such as the woman’s heavy breathing and the street sounds return. We have come full circle.

The varied concept of music, sound design and atmosphere is consistent an dwell structured. The acoustic design takes over a mayor part of the story telling, so that a an organic work of direction, sound design and composition sensibly balanced evolves. 

HDTVRip por matamoscas (KG)



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