N+2: Gravitáció - Ferenc Rófusz (1984)

04 marzo 2012

Gravitáció - Ferenc Rófusz (1984)

Gravity / Gravedad
No Dialogue / Sin Diálogos

Una joven manzana intenta desesperadamente huir de un árbol al percatarse del destino que le espera si se quedase ahí. Cortometraje ganador del premio Ottawa International Animation Festival: Premio OIAF (mejor película inferior a 5 min).

La carrera del artista húngaro se consolidó en tiempos políticamente turbulentos. Su obra se desarrolla en pleno periodo de los últimos vestigios del comunismo, enfrentádose constantemente a la censura. Por lo que "Gravitáció" no fue una excepción, ya que tuvo que sufrir varias transformaciones de contendido respecto a la idea original.

 ...Rofusz set up a standard 30 cm square cel on which to stage his cartoon, but in order to get the various
camera effects, and the rapid panning, he used an actual camera, which he rigged on a poll above his cel to zoom in and out accordingly. He drew “Gravity” with a blue Faber Castel grease pencil. His colleagues at Pannonia served as models for the faces in the film. He had to change a great deal of his original plan for “Gravity,” in order to gain the approval of the board at Pannonia. He initially planned that in the opening shot when we saw the landscape with the tree, we would also see in the foreground, the folded legs of a Russian
soldier with Russian military pants and “ugly Russian boots.” The figure would essentially be studying the tree as its own private universe of which he “was the absolute boss.” If we were to watch “The Fly” from the perspective of a victim of an oppressive regime, in “Gravity” he  wanted us to see an oppressive regime from the eyes of the oppressor. It almost makes the viewer complicit in the tragedy of the film. The board was not happy with this aspect of the script. “[They said], ‘No Ferenc, it’s not a good message.’ So I changed it to Levi’s pants and Chinese tennis shoes.” They were still unpleased. The legs were cut entirely.

He wanted the apples to have different colors. The young rebellious apple would be red, the older apples, a rotting yellow and green. Again the board refused. He tried to compromise by maybe making the rebellious apple yellow, which led to the odd question of whether it represented the Chinese. And so all the apples became blue and white like everything else in the film, except for the insides of the dead apple. The original title of the film was “Apples” and again the board was wary with what that might represent, and so he changed the title to “Gravity,” to make the censors believe the film was really about Isaac Newton.




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